What is Demoni?

Demoni is the subject association for culture area of study in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. We arrange leisure activities, take care of promotion of the interests and sell products that are useful in student life. We collaborate with subject association METKA.

What do we do?

Demoni arranges all kinds of activities year-round. You can find yourself taking part in table board game nights as well as in fine dining annual celebrations. Besides these activities a vital part of our operation is promotion of the interests. For example we forward feedback from students to the school and METKA, guide our students with possible issues regarding school life and take part in Metropolia UAS working committees.

How to join us?

Anyone studying culture at Metropolia UAS can join us. Demoni is run by a board that is selected every year in november/ december with an election at the board meeting. All members are eligible to vote. Demoni will announce the search for new board members on our website and in Facebook.

Demoni has also active members who arrange events based on their own interests. These actives have taken part in for example planning and sorting out events, renewing the website and buying the student overalls. Demoni always looks like its members. You can sign in as an active member by contacting us at

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