Demoni ry is the student association of culture students in Metropolia UAS.
We arrange student events, advocate for the rights of culture students and sell student life related products.


A former ceramics factory building in Arabia, Helsinki with the word "Arabia" on the written on the building's wall.

Demoni ry was founded 30th of september 1994 and has existed in three schools: Helsinki School of Art and Communication, Stadia University of Applied Sciences and currently in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

In the previous two schools members of Demoni studied in Arabia, Helsinki. When Stadia and Evtek fused to become Metropolia Demoni extended to operate also at the Tikkurila campus. From fall 2017 onwards Demoni has operated once again in a single campus when the students of the Tikkurila campus moved to the Arabia Creative Campus. 



If you are an exchange student, you can buy our 4€ membership for the time of your stay in Finland.

Our membership includes benefits from

  • our student products
  • our burgundy colored overalls
  • our events
A picture from a pride parade with the Demoni ry flag and mascot


A group of students with burgundy colored overalls at a pub crawl event

Our yearly events

Kulttuurikaste is an event where new students are welcomed to study in Metropolia’s culture field.

Ystävänpäiväsitsit is an event traditionally held on Valentine’s Day. In sitsi events people have fun while singing traditional sitsi songs.

RatikkAppr6 is our own pub crawl (appro in Finnish) event. This pub crawl follows the route of tramline 6. During the pub crawl you collect stamps to your pub crawl pass in order to get an overall patch.

Drink or Treat is a Halloween event organized together with MysteRy where you can see more and more amazing costumes from year to year.

Demonin Designjoulu is a Christmas sales event where people can come and sell their own products.

On top of this Demoni arranges other unique events.


We strive to actively have an impact on Metropolia’s practices and operations. The basis of our advocacy work is a confidential relationship with students and Metropolia’s staff, as well as close cooperation with the student union METKA.

What we do

  • Help students with issues that they might face
  • Ensure the wellbeing of the students of our field and make sure that the rights of students are being respected.
  • Make sure that the voices of our campuses students are heard.
  • Cooperate with school staff and different stakeholders.
A 3D text illustration with the sentence "We got your back!"

harassment personell

A student posing in the burgundy colored Demoni ry overalls

Demoni ry condems all disruptive conduct. We have harassment personell in all of our events. You may contact our harassment contact personell about any situation in which you feel uncomfortable.

All improper treatment is classified as harassment. Harassment can include for example active and/or passive discrimination, sexual harassment, inappropriate comments and jokes.

Contact Information

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Metropolian kulttuurialan

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